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Instead of paying for your download sessions individually, now buy bulk downloads for use when you need them and get a great up front discount. It works like a pre-paid phone card, counting down downloads. It's called the You Pick 'Em Plan. Or you can choose our Rollover Download Subscription Plan where your unused downloads rollover each month along with new downloads added to your balance.

You Pick 'Em Plan
Available Downloads Price

Per Download

5 $65 $13.00
10 $99 $9.90
50 $299 $5.98
100 $495 $4.95
500 $995 $1.99

Rollover Download
Subscription Plan

  6 Downloads added monthly*
$29 Monthly credit card charge
Unused Downloads Rollover
Downloads Don't Expire

99 Year Lifetime License
(standard CSS License)  

   Cancel Anytime

HOW THE ROLLOVER DOWNLOAD SUBSCRIPTION PLAN WORKS: When you opt for a Rollover Download Subscription, you pay $29 a month on a recurring credit card charge basis. Each month 6 download credits are added to your balance. At the same time, any unused credits from previous months are rolled over into your current month's balance as well. You can use your download credits each month or "bank" some for future use. As long as you don't cancel your plan, your unused download credits will carry forward or rollover. If you elect to cancel, any unused download credits expire at the end of your monthly term. *Need more? You can always purchase extra download credits at any time you are enrolled.

   Downloads Don't Expire    No Time Limits 
99 Year Lifetime License (standard CSS License)  
Unlimited Uses in Unlimited Productions
   No Recurring Credit Card Charges
HOW THE YOU PICK 'EM PLAN WORKS: This plan counts down the downloads you've purchased as you access them. The You Pick 'Em Plan starts discounting at 50-75% off standard download prices, moving progressively higher with each pricing tier. With the You Pick 'Em Plan it's best to use the 44.1khz / 48 khz file formats. Sound Effects should be purchased separately as standard downloads. There are no monthly recurring credit card charges. When you're ready to reload, just visit "My Account" and select the pricing tier you want. Your downloads never expire and there are no time limits by which you must download. The CSS Standard License applies.

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